Veggie Starts

Spring Starter Plants – Order Now for 2011!

Get a head start on your vegetable garden this year. Order your plant ahead of February 1 and they will be started and pampered early in the greenhouse and delivered to you healthier and fuller than most store varieties. Otherwise, you can pick up your small to medium starts anytime from April 15 to June 1. Large starts pickup is after May 1.

Small starts: $2. Medium starts: $3 (approx. 1′ high). Large starts $5 (up to 2′). Zapotec: add $1 to each price.

We can grow almost anything you want if you give us a head’s up early enough to get the seeds! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll grow it for you! The following is our main list, most of which are heritage:

Beans (all kinds of Heritage/Pole/Bush), Beets (Yellow Mangel, Red), Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Corn (Peaches N Cream, Sweet), Eggplant, Kale (Red Curly, French Ancient, Green Curly and more), Lettuce (Red Curly, Romaine, Butterhead, Heritage curly), Onions (large red, sweet, Spanish, long), Peas (tons of varieties), Parsnip, Peppers (sweet, hot, small), Radish (best to sow straight to ground), Salad Greens (Cress, Arugula, Mizuna), Salad flowers (Viola), Spinach, Squash (all kinds), Tomatoes (see below), Zucchini.

TOMATOES: We were destined to be tomato farmers! We currently have 72 in production for 2010, with over 20 varieties. Since no one needs 20 varieties, we have pared them down to what we consider to be the best. Heirlooms: a smaller but first-to-ripen fruit, around June-July to start. Sweet, with high yields. We have picked 2 a day since July, from one plant. Heritage: large fruit and heavier foliage and stock. Medium yields but big fruit. 1st photo. Zapotec: the Ancient of the group: pleated fruit of varying sizes and colors. We have one tomato that measures 9″ across (green tomato photo) and still growing. Many are catching up to it. Good yields. Has a gray tint to it’s foliage. Needs extra care as it’s fruit is big enough to take the plant down. 3rd photo. Field: can be grown without any staking or cage. Big red fruit. Really healthy plant. We plant 3 together and they stand tall nicely. Later fruit: Late August-September. Roma: nice green plant with juicy long tomatoes. High yields. Yellow Plum: a small, yellow, delicate and juicy little tomato that looks great in salads. Very high yields. 2nd photo.


New For 2011 – TOMATO GROUPINGS – Great for Balcony Plantings!

We will be offering large containers of 3 tomato plants: each one a separate variety so you can enjoy a taste of something different every day. The plants will be well established: water, watch and enjoy!  Order early.      $20


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