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BC Urban Farmers start off on right foot!

A few Sundays ago, in fact, the only nice Sunday we’ve had so far, 40+ of us from the BC Urban Farmers group sat around tables and hashed out a strategy for forming an organized collective.

After 6 hours we came up with the beginnings of a plan to get our message out, and firm up who we are and what we stand for.

Not all the members farm in urban areas. I do both. Both have different models and different varieties based on space available. It is in these findings that we can come together and compare notes, making us all the more wiser. Intensive agriculture is not new, but it is making a comeback as it feeds a large number of people, has multiple markets, and you can earn a living wage from it.

I have posted our “conclusions” from our first meeting for you to look at: (January+30+Urban+Farmer+Meeting+Summary). Feel free to join us. Even if you have a smaller garden, everyone’s experience here counts. All gardening has value. Especially today…


Community Dan Jason on Seed Saving: How to Organize for a Resilient Future

Dan Jason from Salt Spring Seeds came to Richmond for a talk on Friday January 21. This was the overview of his comments – we all must start to save seeds NOW. This is how:

Communities are talking a lot about local food security these days because of the increasingly uncertain times in which we live. Many people have even started using the term “food sovereignty” instead of “food security” because it conveys the idea of becoming self-reliant in food rather than simply having stockpiles of dubious food shipped from far away.

A fast growing movement that’s spreading across the globe involves people organizing together in “transition towns” to address the challenges of climate change, peak oil and economic instability. You can get more background at transitionnetwork.org or you could google transition Salt Spring, Victoria, Guelph or Peterborough, for examples. The aim of these transition towns is to create the ability to manage one’s own affairs in the midst of the huge transitions we are facing. Not surprisingly, every transition community lists locally grown food as a first priority.

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Joel Salatin, My Hero: Small Farm Practices

Snagged from Common Dreams

Published on Friday, November 19, 2010 by The Age (Australia)Good Things Come in Small Farming Practices 

Fear and fertility are the two biggest stumbling blocks to Australian farmers shifting their agricultural model from industrial to artisan, writes Helen Greenwood.

by Helen Greenwood

”AUSTRALIAN farmers are looking for the same thing that American farmers need, and that is to farm profitably, and build soil and heal the land while farming.”

Salatin believes: “At the end of the day, it all comes back to the soil. You and I and every other human being … depend on literally a couple of inches of earth for our existence. The most dangerous notion is that we can continue creating fertile soil out of petrochemicals.”

Sushi company proactive in being sustainable

April: I really LOVE it when companies don’t need to be told what to do to help this planet. And when they have the support of Dr. David Suzuki, I pay closer attention. I love sushi. I could live on it 24/7. I have backed off from eating it the last year due to extinction and the mass raping of our oceans as if they were grocery stores for the fishing industry. So when I find a company like this, I just may go back to eating sushi again, carefully though… I love fish, especially the ones that are still swimming in the ocean.

TORONTO – In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Bento is delivering on its promise to become the first sustainable sushi company in the country. As Canada’s largest sushi company, leader in the sushi category and industry champion in the food sector, Bento officially rolled out its national seafood sustainability plan today. Working in partnership with the SeaChoice program, Bento plans to supply only sustainable seafood by 2012.
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Metro Vancouver is hosting “Food System Strategy” events in BC

Metro Vancouver is developing a Regional Food System Strategy and we welcome your input on the Draft Strategy. This collaborative effort aims to create a sustainable, resilient and healthy regional food system.

Become informed about the issues, engaged in the discussion, and have your opinions heard by attending one of the upcoming public events.
Public Consultation Meetings: 6:30 – 8:30 pm (open house from 6:30 – 7:00pm)

Wed. Nov 3 – Delta
Delta Town & Country Inn
6005 Highway 17 (at Hwy 99), Delta

Thurs. Nov 4 – Pitt Meadows
Hotel Royale Ramada Inn
19267 Lougheed Highway (at Harris Road), Pitt Meadows

Tues. Nov 9 – North Vancouver
The Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier
138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver

Wed. Nov 24 – Langley
Douglas Recreation Centre
20550 Douglas Crescent, Langley

Thurs. Nov 25 – Burnaby
The Hilton Metrotown
6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby

Thurs. Nov 25  WEBINAR: 12 – 1 pm (to register for the webinar click here)

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