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Community Dan Jason on Seed Saving: How to Organize for a Resilient Future

Dan Jason from Salt Spring Seeds came to Richmond for a talk on Friday January 21. This was the overview of his comments – we all must start to save seeds NOW. This is how:

Communities are talking a lot about local food security these days because of the increasingly uncertain times in which we live. Many people have even started using the term “food sovereignty” instead of “food security” because it conveys the idea of becoming self-reliant in food rather than simply having stockpiles of dubious food shipped from far away.

A fast growing movement that’s spreading across the globe involves people organizing together in “transition towns” to address the challenges of climate change, peak oil and economic instability. You can get more background at transitionnetwork.org or you could google transition Salt Spring, Victoria, Guelph or Peterborough, for examples. The aim of these transition towns is to create the ability to manage one’s own affairs in the midst of the huge transitions we are facing. Not surprisingly, every transition community lists locally grown food as a first priority.

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Video on Obsessive Urban Farmer

Interesting video: an obsessive urban farmer on everything: slaughtering animals, keeping animals, soils, neighbors, predators that kill everything, plus advice for new urban farmers.

Video on seed saving from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: very useful information and a very intelligent conversation on seeds, GMO’s, seed patents and controls, seeds from around the world, collecting seeds and more. This young man wants to save the world from seed extinction, and he just may do it! Think we’ll try some of his seeds for 2011.