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Organic egg industry being pushed out by Factory Farms

Stop Putting Your Eggs In One Basket

Really good video on the state of our food system: it’s time for all small egg producers to either make changes in the “system” and join forces. We are living in times when, if we choose to do nothing (and it is about wise choices), the next generation will ask “why was no one listening?”

From Natural News

Scrambled Eggs: http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=EDCEEE66359E89ED8D001AABC849A8DE


Organic egg sales on the rise

April: purchasing organic eggs carries many personal reasons behind it. No one does it blindly. The last salmonella scare on factory farmed eggs increased the entire organic egg industry: we have a list of eggs to avoid and buy below:

Just How Organic Are Those Organic Eggs?

In the wake of this summer’s salmonella outbreak scandal, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration uncovered dangerous, deplorable conditions at several large commercial factory egg farms, organic egg farmers reported a significant increase in sales. Natural food stores and farmer’s markets were inundated with concerned customers seeking safer egg options.

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