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Marvelous Marigolds

Although I have planted hundreds of Marigolds for next year’s seeds, I could have sold our “seed” pots a thousand times, so, next year you will be able to order big, fat, gorgeous Marigolds in pots or individually for the fall as well as the beginning of the year. We should have seed available for next year too. But for now, I only have photos of these lovely prolific plants. Enjoy…

Big Orange is just beautiful. No photo (at least nothing I can take) can do these flowers justice.(wishing….new camera for Xmas…….).

Red/Orange variegated: these have huge flowers and their foliage is extremely healthy. They grow fast and stay good looking all year as long as you deadhead the old blossoms. Again, photos do no justice. Some of the blossoms measure almost 2″ across!

Marigolds are easy to grow but like all plants you do need to look after them. I see far too many marigolds planted and left to fend for themselves. They take to fish fertilizer well, and last a long time. In fact, you can get your marigolds early and seed them, and replant them for late summer. The plant that keeps on giving!