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Can GE and Organics live harmoniously?

I have watched the latest news as the USDA gave the Organic’s industry 2 choices: full deregulation or partial. There is much to consider, so I have written it as I see it. But one thing I feel: we are at the tipping point of our food sovereignty. This could be it folks: whether we get to live in a GE world or not. Hope the experiment doesn’t fail, just in case WE do…

There are several players here: Whole Foods, Stoneyfield and many other grocers that I will be referring to. Their problems run deep and are not as transparent as they seem, so I will attempt to cut through the crap and bring very real, very pressing issues to the forefront.

Here are the problems Stoneyfield, Whole Foods (WF) and all the other organic “grocers/producers” face with this alfalfa deregulation. This is where I would be putting my money and efforts into:

1. We all KNOW the real issue here is not GE alfalfa, but that this ruling is a precursor for ALL GE crops/plants/trees to be released, unregulated. Or at least “moderately”, and anyone that grows for a living understands there is no “moderation” in cross-contamination. This was the open door Monsanto and “friends” needed to push the rest of their agenda. Why? Because they can monitor the pulse of the consumer and public: will they fight it? Will organic organizations fight it? How, exactly, can Monsanto be stopped? Because at this juncture, “stop” is the critical point: the tipping point to losing our food sovereignty, control and choices. That is what this is all about.

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Could Biotech crops be altering our DNA? What could this mean for humans?

I posted this on the blog GE Free BC: http://gefreebc.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/important-dna-fragments-from-gmo-plants-in-animals/ It’s an article regarding how Genetically Engineered plant DNA is beginning to show up in animals, which you can read as “YOU”. In fact, some of the Genetically Engineered DNA was found to be “enhanced” in children that drank goat’s milk; those goats fed GE soy and other crops.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to many: any food that’s not created by Mother Nature simply cannot sustain life or be expected to “feed the world” without creating a new nightmare of potential disease, environmental disasters and complete corporate monopolization.

The company that tested the above (Testbiotech) also tested wheat and found the plant became unstable and disease prone when under changing environmental conditions. GE Wheat has not been approved yet for production in North America, but it is being considered as a crop soon.

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