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Curtis Stone – Spin Farming is in and profitable!

For those that don’t know who Curtis Stone is, he spin farms in Kelowna (Green City Acres), and has learned how to take 1/2 an acre and turn it into gold. He gets calls from all over the planet from doctors and lawyers on how to make money farming. This is why I want to introduce you to Curtis. If we can show a viable and profitable industry and hungry market for fresh local food (I believe it’s here: demand is higher than supply) then we can change the landscape for monoculture and mass factory farming. I’m not saying get rid of it: I am thinking it needs a bit of revision. We should not be paying farmers peanuts from our tax dollars (middle men take money from us and the farmer). They should profit without subsidies, as all farmers should. And live a good life.

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How to make $12 a square foot producing food

I get asked all the time how I figure out how much I make on my production gardens. So here is the magic, or actually, the hard work that makes it all happen. I am using kale as the plant example, and using containers and raised beds. Hope you love math…

Black Kale, the Ancient French variety: I grew 4 plants within 6 square feet. I started them early and planted them as fairly big starts. I already had seeds from the year before (2009). Because kale is biennial, I harvested 21 thick bunches from the year before in the early spring and sold them for $2/bunch – $42. Or $7 a square foot, which alone is a great number.

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Joel Salatin, My Hero: Small Farm Practices

Snagged from Common Dreams

Published on Friday, November 19, 2010 by The Age (Australia)Good Things Come in Small Farming Practices 

Fear and fertility are the two biggest stumbling blocks to Australian farmers shifting their agricultural model from industrial to artisan, writes Helen Greenwood.

by Helen Greenwood

”AUSTRALIAN farmers are looking for the same thing that American farmers need, and that is to farm profitably, and build soil and heal the land while farming.”

Salatin believes: “At the end of the day, it all comes back to the soil. You and I and every other human being … depend on literally a couple of inches of earth for our existence. The most dangerous notion is that we can continue creating fertile soil out of petrochemicals.”

Do you have what it takes to really change the food system?

This post is from GRIST: author Rebecca Thistlewaite: I really wanted to write about this, but Rebecca does such a brilliant job:

You watched Food, Inc. with your mouth aghast. You own a few cookbooks.

You go out to that hot new restaurant with the tattooed chef who’s putting on a whole-animal, nose-to-tail pricy special dinner. You bliss out on highfalutin’ pork rinds, braised pigs feet, rustic paté, and porchetta.

Later that weekend, you nibble on small bites as you stroll down the city street, blocked off for a weekend “foodie” festival.

Then you go back to your Monday-Friday workaday routine, ordering pizza and buying some frozen chicken breasts at Costco (“Hey, at least they’re ‘organic’!”) to get you through your hectic week. (You make time for at least two hours a day of reality TV.) You manage to get to a farmers market about once a month, but the rest of the time your eggs and meat come from Costco, Trader Joe’s, and maybe Whole Paycheck now and again.

Guess what? You are NOT changing the food system. Not even close.

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Video on Obsessive Urban Farmer

Interesting video: an obsessive urban farmer on everything: slaughtering animals, keeping animals, soils, neighbors, predators that kill everything, plus advice for new urban farmers.

Video on seed saving from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: very useful information and a very intelligent conversation on seeds, GMO’s, seed patents and controls, seeds from around the world, collecting seeds and more. This young man wants to save the world from seed extinction, and he just may do it! Think we’ll try some of his seeds for 2011.