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The USA Is Going Mad: Part 3: How To Criminalize Seeds

April: I have read about Bill HR875 in many posts. I have slogged through page after page of the Bill to make sure the authors I’m about to post here are on to something. There is more than just this Bill that concerns me about seeds: Monsanto’s Terminator Technology coming out of the “closet”, Codex Alimentarius and Corporate control and lobbying only serve to push this Bill forward faster. There are loopholes big enough to drive a tractor through, and vague enough to stand for anything in the courts. Judge for yourself:

Seeds: How To Criminalize Them: Bill HR 875

HR 875: SHORT TITLE.-This Act may be cited as the “Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009”

-Wisdom says stop a bill that is broad as everything yet more vague even than it is broad.

-Wisdom says stop a bill that comes with massive penalties but allows no judicial review.

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