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How to make $12 a square foot producing food

I get asked all the time how I figure out how much I make on my production gardens. So here is the magic, or actually, the hard work that makes it all happen. I am using kale as the plant example, and using containers and raised beds. Hope you love math…

Black Kale, the Ancient French variety: I grew 4 plants within 6 square feet. I started them early and planted them as fairly big starts. I already had seeds from the year before (2009). Because kale is biennial, I harvested 21 thick bunches from the year before in the early spring and sold them for $2/bunch – $42. Or $7 a square foot, which alone is a great number.

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Crazy Tomato’s

At 9 inches and still morphing...

This photo of one of my Zapotec Ancient organic tomatoes was submitted for Nature’s Path’s contest. If you don’t belong to their ‘subscribe list’ you may want to join if you are a “foodie”. The surveys are interesting and fun, and you are helping a local company which, in turn, helps you.

Join Nature’s Path on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/posted.php?id=2209163750&share_id=144247852283679&comments=1#!/naturespath?v=wall

Or their website: http://www.naturespath.com/

Always grow what you can’t buy. It’s vital that we become self sufficient where we can. Plus it will connect you back to Earth and what is real and good.