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Study: More Americans are going organic

It used to be that organic products were limited to a small shelf or two in the local grocery store. But, a new study finds that’s changing.

U.S. sales of organic products – food and non-food – reached $24.6 billion by the end of last year, up 17 percent from 2007, according to the Organic Trade Association.

Organic food sales grew by 15 percent, reaching $22.9 billion. That means organic food sales now account for about 3.5 percent of all food product sales in the U.S.

Sales of organic non-food such as organic fibers, personal care products and pet foods, grew by 39.4 percent to reach $1.64 billion.

Increased use of coupons, the proliferation of private label brands and value-positioned products offered by major organic brands all have contributed to increased sales, according to the association.

April: It seems to me that Organic producers yield a higher profit at the end of the day, and after that hard day in the field, isn’t that what farming should end with? Big factory farms do good for only the chemical, seed and commodity sellers. Even more reason to be aware of our ALR lands – not let them go for development, lest we lose all our ability to eat locally. Being reliant on outside exports in today’s “climate”, ie: climate change, is foolish and insane, IMHO, especially when we had record hot and wet conditions world wide. Who, exactly, will grow for us in the future, if it’s not us?