List of safe seed companies

NorthEast _____________

High Mowing Organic Seed

100% organic certified seed: vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Over 450 organic heirloom, open-pollinated and organic hybrid.


Dirt Works

100% organic vegetable seeds and hardy organic heirloom seeds. Some open pollinated.

Grain, hay, forage, wildflowers, compost, organic fertilizers, pest control and accessories as well.

Note there are some complaints about shipping times posted on-line. Dirt Works was hit hard during recession and we hope they can hire more help.

Safe Seed Pledge.


Turtle Tree Seed

Vegetables, flowers, herbs, grain and cover crops.

Mostly organic- clearly marked.

Biodynamic, open pollinated, no hybrids.

New York


Untreated vegetable, tubers, herb, & flower seed. Many certified organic.

Cover crops, soil amendments & supplies for organic growers.

Safe Seed Pledge. No GMOs, etc. Good prices. Order early.

Website a bit difficult to navigate.


Heirloom Seeds

All seeds are open pollinated (non-hybrid) and untreated.

No GMO. Many Organic. Good selection of organic.

Many garden packages. Organic fertilizers.

SW Pennsylvania

Harris Seeds

22 organic veg choices- large selection of untreated seed.

Sells only large quantities. Sells Monsanto conventional seed.

New York

Johnny’s Seeds

Johnny’s has 324 organic products, including 198 vegetable seed varieties.

Many heirloom. Safe Seed Pledge.Still carries 40 Monsanto varieties, which is about 4% of their conventional vegetable varieties. Their intention is to replace them. See Monsanto vegetable seed list below, if you wish to avoid.


Cook’s Garden

is owned by Burpee Seeds.

50 Organic Vegetables and Herbs. European and American heirlooms. Good recipes.

Their conventional vegetables might be Monsanto seed.

Check list below for list of Monsanto vegetable seed.


Mid-Atlantic _________________

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Vegetables and herbs. Most certified organic, all untreated.

99% of seeds open-pollinated. No GMO. Safe Seed Pledge.

Grows 40% of own seed. Also sells bulk. Nice catalog.


Sow True Seed

Vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Only non-hybrid, untreated, open-pollinated, heirloom and organic seed.

Safe Seed Pledge.

Asheville, NC

Seeds for the South

Untreated heirloom vegetable and herb seed.

Very small selection of organic. Sells Monsanto seed.


Park Seed Company (bought Sow Organic Seed Co. in 2007)

Flower, vegetable and herb seeds.

Untreated, non-GMO, and some Certified Organic seed.

Note- it is easy to go off their organic pages onto the conventional

and they sell some conventional Monsanto seeds.

See list of Monsanto products below.

South Carolina

MidWest _____________

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Vegetables, flowers, herbs, bulk seed.

1400 heirloom varieties. Hugh selection. Good prices.

Only open-pollinated seeds: pure, natural & non-GMO. Good reviews.


Botanical Interests

400 untreated vegetable, flower, herb seeds. A large selection of Certified Organic.

Signed Safe Seed Pledge. No-GMOs.

Beautiful packets- good info. Nice website.


Sand Hill Preservation

700 heirloom seeds- vegetable, herbs, flowers, grains. Root vegetables, poultry.

Produce 90% of the seed they sell.

Untreated, some certified organic.

Signed Safe Seed Pledge. No GMOs.

Ordering only by regular mail.


Seed Saver’s Exchange

A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of heirloom seeds.

Largest non-governmental seed bank in the United States. Maintains more than 25,000 endangered vegetable varieties. Hugh selection of open pollinated vegetables, beans, potatoes, flowers and herbs. Many certified organic. Good prices.


Heirloom Acres Seeds

1000 varieties of open pollinated and heirloom seed.

Good selection of Certified Organic.

Very few seeds treated.


Nature’s Crossroads

Seed varieties grown in Indiana for Midwestern gardeners.

Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers. Safe Seed Pledge.

Most seed certified organic. Produce much of their own seed.


Grannys Heirloom Seeds Good selection of heirloom vegetables and gardening suplies. Strawberries, onions No organic but all open-pollinated. Signed Safe Seed Pledge. Inexpensive peat pots. Missouri


Abundant Life Seeds Certified Organic and Biodynamic vegetable, flower and herb seeds, garlic and potatoes. Garden accessories. Safe Seed Pledge, no GMOs. Oregon

Wild Garden Seed Certified organic farm-original varieties of salad greens, vegetables, herbs and a few flowers. Certified Organic heirloom and other open-pollinated seed varieties adapted for the Pacific Northwest. Oregon

Victory Seed Company Rare and heirloom seeds. All seeds open-pollinated, non-hybrid and untreated. Signed Safe Seed Pledge. No GMOs. Good size selection. Oregon

Irish Eyes – Garden City Seeds Potato, vegetable, flower and garden seeds. Most all seeds organic, many heirloom. All untreated. Washington

Territorial Seeds Large selection of vegetable, herb, flower. Safe Seed Pledge. Sells a small amount of Monsanto’s conventional seed. See list below.* Oregon


Bountiful Gardens A non-profit and a project of Ecology Action which does garden research and publishes books and research papers. Large selection untreated, open-pollinated, non-GMO, heirloom seed. Vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, mushroom kits, green manures, compost and carbon crops. Good prices. Some Certified Organic and Biointensive. Willits California

Seeds of Change 100% organic certified seed: vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Over 1,200 varieties: many heirloom, open-pollinated, native and hard-to-find. New Mexico

Peaceful Valley Certified Organic Vegetable and Herb Seeds and much more. Packets or bulk. Sells own brand of Certified organic- plus sells Seeds of Change, Renee’s Garden Seeds, Turtle Tree Organic Seeds, TomatoFest Organic Seeds, Horizon Herbs Organic Seeds. Grass Valley, California

Seeds Trust Vegetable, wild flower, herb and grass seeds. Sells only open-pollinated and untreated seed. Organic seeds are marked with an asterisk. Signed Safe Seed Pledge. Sells many of their own seeds. Website a bit challenging. Specializes in high-altitude and southwest seeds. Arizona

Sustainable Seed Company Only heirloom open-pollinated seed. No hybrid, treated or gmos. 65% of all heirloom vegetable seed is grown on organic farms in California. Over 100 varieties of heirloom seeds for less than a $1. Petaluma, California

Native Seeds Non-profit. Sells 350 varieties of heirloom arid-land adapted seed. Arizona

Natural Gardening Company Vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Many organic and open-pollinated. Organic plants, but hybrids too. Sells some Monsanto seed. Check list below. Petaluma, California

– – –

Popular Monsanto (Seminis) seeds– To make things even more confusing, each mail-order seed company might resell the same seed but use a different name for it. The only way you can be 100% positive you are not buying a Monsanto seed is to check with the re-seller or buy from a company selling their own seed or organic or open-pollinated.

Beans: Brio, Eureka, EZ Gold, Goldrush, Kentucky King, Lynx, Xera…

Broccoli: Captain, Heritage, Liberty, Packman, more…

Carrot: Nutri-Red, Sweet Sunshine, Karina, Chantenay hybrids, Chantilly, Lariat

Cauliflower: Cheddar, Fremont, Minuteman, more…

Cucumber : Babylon, Dasher II, Daytona, Homemade Pickles, Speedway, Sweet Slice, Yellow Submarine, Sweeter Yet…link to De Ruiter cucumber list…

Eggplant: Black Beauty, Dancer, Fairy Tale, Gretel, Hansel, Tango, Twilight…De Ruiter Eggplants…

Lettuce: Baby Star, Blackjack, Esmeralda, Lolla Rossa, Monet, Red Butterworth, Red Sails, Red Tide, Summer time…

Melons: Alaska, Bush Whopper, Casablanca, Dixie Jumbo, Early Crisp, Stars and Stripes, Sugarnut, more…

Okra: Cajun Delight

Onion: Arsenal, Candy, Hamlet, Mars, Red Zeppelin, Superstar, many more…

Peppers: Aristotle, Biscayne, Camelot, Caribbean Red, Cherry Bomb, Dulce, Early Sunsation, Fat and Sassy, King Arthur, Northstar, Red Knight, Serrano del Sol, Sahuaro, Super Chili, Valencia, many more…De Ruiter pepper varities…

Pumpkin: Buckskin Pumpkin, Orange Smoothie, Prizewinner, more…

Spinach: Bolero, Cypress, Melody, Unipack 151, many more…

Squash: Autumn Delight, Blackjack, Bush Delicata, Butterstick, Daisy, Early Butternut, Fancycrook, Gold Rush, Latino, Lolita, Patty Green Tint, Really Big Butternut, Seneca (all), Sungreen, Sunny Delight, Table Ace…

Tomato: Baby Girl, Big Beef, Beefmaster, Beaufort, Celebrity, Favorita, First Lady I and II, Early Girl, Geronimo, Golden Girl, Maxifort, Pink Girl, Sunguard, Sun Chief Sweet, Sweet Million, Trust…link to De Ruiter tomato varieties…

Watermelon: Bambino, Crimson Glory, Royal Flush, Royal Star, Stargazer, Starbright, Stars and Stripes, Tiger Baby, Yellow Doll

As an alternative way to shop for seed, visit the non-profit Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Organic Seeds Database- –  lists certified “final handlers” for organic seed. List is by produce. Pick a vegetable and find a seller.

Here are some of the brand names that Monsanto owns and ‘packages’ their seeds as:

American Seeds, Asgrow, Campbell, DeKalb, De Ruiter, Diener Seeds, Fielder’s Choice, Fontanelle, Gold Country Seed, Hawkeye, Heartland, Heritage Seeds, Holdens, HPS Seed, Hubner Seed, icorn, Jung Seed, Kruger Seeds, Lewis Hybrids, Peotec, Poloni, Rea Hybrids, R.H. Shumway, Seeds of the World, Seminis, Seymour’s Selected Seeds, Specialty, Stewart, Stone Seed,Totally Tomatoes, Trelay, Vermont Bean Seed Company, Western Seeds. ****

But remember seed companies buy Monsanto seed in bulk and then repackage it under their name as well…






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