Food Club

The ever-increasing cost of food has led me to start The Richmond Food Buying Club.

I had 2 stores in Ladner that sold organic foods, including one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted (Pistol & Burnes). I kept my customers and my suppliers after I sold the stores and have built up a busy coffee-drinking clientele!

I now sell this coffee direct to old and new customers. Keep checking back as I often have specials on this and other food items!

Pistol & Burnes Coffee

Per Pound: $11

Ground or Bean

Frack Packs: small, convenient sample packages for you to try $2

Visit their website to browse through the many coffee varieties they have! They also carry other products that we can order for you as well, at a lower cost than any grocer.


2 responses to “Food Club

  1. hello from Roy: I hope all is well.

    • Hey Roy, in fact, this place is amazing! Will be posting pics soon I hope: still SO much to do to get it ready for next spring when I’ll actually be growing commercially in a big way! 2012 was a year of seeing what worked and what didn’t. Good idea: learned the market and saw a lot of mistakes I would have otherwise made that would have been costly in time and cash flow. Hoping Richmond is still above water and that 2013 is a super growing season for everyone!

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