We’ve expanded our flower lines for 2011! Plants are shown below flower listings. Shown alphabetically.

All small pots (4″) are $3, medium pots (6″) are $5 and large (8″) are $8 unless otherwise listed (some plants sold per plant). All prices include taxes.

Jack In The Pulpit: New for 2011! A rare sighting indeed – found mostly in the Eastern provinces. A very slow growing plant with a highly unusual cylindrical hooded flower (takes 5 years to flower: starts green and goes to dark burgundy and white stripes: short life on the flower). Ends with large green-to-red seed pods. We will have a few select yearling ‘Jacks’ for 2011. Likes partial sun and wooded areas. Can grow up to 2′ tall. Large green leaves. Cannot be ingested by livestock. Perennial. $8

Grass: Blue Eyed: I’ve not seen this anywhere in the lower mainland. It’s most unusual: has long slender green leaves with small purple/blue flowers (with yellow centers) on the ends. When in full bloom it’s just stunning! I was lucky to get this! We will have these available for 2011. Spreads up to 2′ across. Likes full sun. Keep plant from excess wet in winter. Perennial.

Bachelor’s Button (Cornflower): This delicate blue flower stands on an elegant soft green stem with dainty leaves. Grows up to 16″ and is hardy. Superb cut flower. Deadhead old flowers to encourage long seasonal growth. Loves full sun. Annual.

Canterbury Bell (Campanula Persicifolia): this stunning upright plant grows up to 4′ tall, with beautiful bell shaped purple flowers that bloom all summer. A real eye catcher, and awesome in mass plantings as well. Dark green foliage. Likes sun or partial shade. Perennial.


Columbine: We have some very old heritage Columbine in the dark purple/blues, plus some non-heritage in soft dusky pink. The old Columbines originated in Boston Bar, on a farm over 100 years old. The plants from this farm are all original from the first owner. Perennial.

Day Lily: Large orange flowers on a tall stem above long slender leaves make this plant/flower a must for shady gardens and covers a wide area (around 6′). We only have around 12 each year so order early. Perennial.

Delphinium Aurora: A tall, stunning plant with a dense stalk of blue flowers. Excellent for cut flowers and attracts bees. Excellent green foliage. Looks great in mass plantings or with other taller arrangements. Excellent container plant. Needs rich soil. Grows up to 4′. Likes sun, very little shade. Perennial.

Dianthus: Small, delicate, lightly scented flowers. Bee friendly. Long lasting. Also known as Sweet William and Arctic Fire. Perennial.


Indian Blanket: Gaillardia Pulchella: This stunning flower grows to 2′ and likes full sun and dryer conditions but will grow in almost any soil type. Blooms up to late summer. Beautiful orange petals with yellow edging. Sunflower family. Bee friendly. Annual.

Jacob’s Ladder: Grows up to 2′ tall, with masses of small purple flowers. Comes back thicker each year. Likes partial shade in the afternoon. Needs space. Great for mass plantings. Perennial.


Lavender: A favorite herb with bees, this fragrant purple flowering plant has a wide variety of uses: cut flowers, aromatherapy, cooking, baking and bee attractor. Originally native to the Mediterranean. Has mild sedative properties. Perennial.

Lupine: We have a variety of colorful Lupines including an older red and white flower variety that’s just stunning. Most are heritage; others unknown. They are great in beds and containers. Easy to keep and they tend to come back thicker each year (self seed). Bee friendly. Perennial.

Marigolds: a variety of colors and sizes: large oranges, medium variegated orange and reds, small oranges, medium yellows. Good green foliage. Likes mostly sun. A great way to keep slugs out of the garden naturally: we’ve used this technique for years: got it from my Dad. Great in containers as well! Last most of the summer as long as you pick the old flowers off. New for 2011: Mini Marigolds: a taller variety with a mass of small orange blossoms that last into early fall is you deadhead old flowers. Annuals.

Sold individually: .25/per plant

Snapdragon: We carry a variety of Snapdragons, including fragrants (heritage, variegated colors), shorts and a Super Tall Red (heritage, 3′) that lasts all summer into the fall. Reds, yellows, orange/red/yellow combo’s, pinks… Stunning in containers. Annual.


Snowdrop: A very old bulb! These tiny delicate plants are tough! They appear every February, rain, shine or snow. The bulbs multiply each year. They have small white flowers with a lovely mid-green leaf and stem. We have a limited supply of these so order early. Perennial.

Sunflowers: We have 3 varieties: Trinidad Large (8′ tall, 20″ flower), Medium (5′ tall) and a smaller (3′ tall). The Trinidad has huge foliage as well, with a stalk that gets up to 4″ in diameter under the right conditions. It’s center is hundreds of individual trumpet-like yellow flowers. Bee friendly. Annual.

Sweet Peas: Dwarf or Standard. Fragrant and colorful, these bushy plants make a stunning backdrop against a fence or climbing up an arbor. They make good cut flowers as well, and fresh wreaths. The dwarfs tend to be self-supporting when planted in small masses. Dwarfs make great balcony additions. Likes sun, very little shade, and fertile, rich soil. Annual. Sold individually: .25/per plant.

Tobacco: While this plant is not normally referred to as a flower, it does have very lovely long trumpeted pink flowers that attract bees like crazy! You get beauty and a useful plant (for some) in one package. Around 8 – 12 flowers per stem. Can grow up to 1.5′ across, but you can shrink it by using less water. Loves full sun. Annual.

Violas: We have a limited selection of heritage Viola’s for 2011. They are difficult to seed but are quite unique and have that older delicate heritage quality to them. Various varieties but mostly purple/yellow/white flowers. Perennial.

Plants and Trees

Hostas: We have a variety of flower colors, fragrances and sizes. Variegated and solid leaves available. They need space as they grow larger each year, and can get up to 5-6 feet across (and sometimes more). Their flowers tower above the foliage in the mid to late summer and they like moist but drained soil, and partial sun or they can fade. Can be quite pretty in containers. You can cut the leaves and display them in a vase. We only grow a small amount each year so order ahead.


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