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My take on the E-Coli Outbreak and it’s relation to GMO

There is a Universal truth: What you resist, persists.

By now, everyone is aware of the new pathogen E-Coli 0-104. If not, a few articles for you to get up to speed with:

I first want to address the small vegetable farmers who had to throw out their produce. Cucumbers were cleared of wrong doing yesterday. The EU farmers are very aware that their healthy produce is a threat to Big Agribusiness. In protest, they took all they had and dumped it (if you are going to attack me I simply won’t feed you anymore). Yet, one more reason to grow a garden this year: the food shortages are getting increasingly larger. And another reason to support small local farmers.

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Medicated animal feeds and the risk to humans

April: Whenever you see any restaurant or grocer telling you their eggs are healthy or even healthier, ask questions: lots of questions. Under NO circumstances do you have to improve a food unless the conditions exist to create poor foods in the first place.

The story of humans with antibiotic resistance is very personal for me. I was prescribed antibiotics only once, and was found to be allergic to it.  After paying for the test that looks at what is lurking in your system, I find out that I am allergic to every antibiotic. And yet, I have never taken any of them in my lifetime.

We should be asking Canadian and American governments some very, very tough questions…

by Gretchen Goetz | Mar 16, 2011     Link to original article

Administering antibiotics to animals via feed leads to inconsistencies in how much of the drugs they intake, thus contributing to the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, according to a new commentary.

In a paper published this month in Environmental Health Perspectives, experts from Johns Hopkins University and Animal Welfare Approved argue that letting animals “choose” how much of an antibiotic they take by putting it into their feed can pose a severe health risks to humans by allowing drug-resistant bacteria to develop.

“We know a lot about antibiotic resistance in animals, but one thing that really hasn’t been covered very well is medicated feed, and what are the issues surrounding it that make resistance more likely,” says Dr. David Love, project director of Johns Hopkins’ Center for a Livable Future and co-author of the paper.

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Human overshoot and our Planet today – Great little story

This is an interesting story about how human intervention does not always work. In most cases, never works. Especially when humans try to control the food supply. This is a great way for kids to learn about “overshoot”.

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Can GE and Organics live harmoniously?

I have watched the latest news as the USDA gave the Organic’s industry 2 choices: full deregulation or partial. There is much to consider, so I have written it as I see it. But one thing I feel: we are at the tipping point of our food sovereignty. This could be it folks: whether we get to live in a GE world or not. Hope the experiment doesn’t fail, just in case WE do…

There are several players here: Whole Foods, Stoneyfield and many other grocers that I will be referring to. Their problems run deep and are not as transparent as they seem, so I will attempt to cut through the crap and bring very real, very pressing issues to the forefront.

Here are the problems Stoneyfield, Whole Foods (WF) and all the other organic “grocers/producers” face with this alfalfa deregulation. This is where I would be putting my money and efforts into:

1. We all KNOW the real issue here is not GE alfalfa, but that this ruling is a precursor for ALL GE crops/plants/trees to be released, unregulated. Or at least “moderately”, and anyone that grows for a living understands there is no “moderation” in cross-contamination. This was the open door Monsanto and “friends” needed to push the rest of their agenda. Why? Because they can monitor the pulse of the consumer and public: will they fight it? Will organic organizations fight it? How, exactly, can Monsanto be stopped? Because at this juncture, “stop” is the critical point: the tipping point to losing our food sovereignty, control and choices. That is what this is all about.

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I Need Your Help Finding a Farm! And Farmers!

Hi everyone! 2011 has come with a BLAST out of the gate, for me anyway! I have found a great new “foodie” friend to grow food with at her property. CSA’s, here we come! I now have 2 properties in Langley to grow on, but unfortunately, I don’t live on.

So – I’m looking for a farm/acreage property, preferably in Langley (BC Canada), but it’s all about the farm more than the location.

I’m looking to rent 5+ acres. House a 3+ bedroom. Land to grow food on. A barn. Fencing.

Plus, I will be training horses there as well.

I was once a General Contractor, and although my projects were smaller, I can build a house, barn, outbuildings, and generally transform any property into a much higher resale value. And I’m willing to do that!

I’m also looking for 2-3 others to join me in this venture. I will be living there pretty much full time (I’ll still work the Carrot Creek Urban Farm). The rent will be cheap. The work will be fun and rewarding. Together we can accomplish much – farm gate market sales, CSA’s, workshops and more.

I’m asking you to tweet, Facebook and generally send this on to anyone that may be interested. Anyone that secures me the humans to inhabit the home gets a free CSA for 2011. Anyone that finds me a property gets one too!

Together, let’s stop worrying about the future and let’s get on with making it what we want it to look like!

April Reeves – email me at – april reeves at shaw dot ca – if you find something!!!

The USA Is Going Mad: Part 3: How To Criminalize Seeds

April: I have read about Bill HR875 in many posts. I have slogged through page after page of the Bill to make sure the authors I’m about to post here are on to something. There is more than just this Bill that concerns me about seeds: Monsanto’s Terminator Technology coming out of the “closet”, Codex Alimentarius and Corporate control and lobbying only serve to push this Bill forward faster. There are loopholes big enough to drive a tractor through, and vague enough to stand for anything in the courts. Judge for yourself:

Seeds: How To Criminalize Them: Bill HR 875

HR 875: SHORT TITLE.-This Act may be cited as the “Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009”

-Wisdom says stop a bill that is broad as everything yet more vague even than it is broad.

-Wisdom says stop a bill that comes with massive penalties but allows no judicial review.

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Crazy Tomato’s

At 9 inches and still morphing...

This photo of one of my Zapotec Ancient organic tomatoes was submitted for Nature’s Path’s contest. If you don’t belong to their ‘subscribe list’ you may want to join if you are a “foodie”. The surveys are interesting and fun, and you are helping a local company which, in turn, helps you.

Join Nature’s Path on Facebook:!/naturespath?v=wall

Or their website:

Always grow what you can’t buy. It’s vital that we become self sufficient where we can. Plus it will connect you back to Earth and what is real and good.