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How Carrot Creek Works

We currently do not ship outside of the local area (Whistler to Hope).

All orders are prepaid.

All orders can be picked up at the “farm” or delivered for an additional charge.

Why Do We Have These Policies?

The easier it is for us, the cheaper it is for you. If you are looking to save costs on supplies and plants, this is a great way to do it!

Carrot Creek Urban Farm…

…is in the last place you would find a “farm”. While the lot may be slightly larger than average, and the house is definitely smaller than normal, it’s full of vegetables, has one wicked greenhouse (and another for 2011), a compost area larger than most people’s back yards, and a great place to pick up gardening supplies for a whole lot less than any chain store.

It’s also home to around 6000 honey bees, 3 cats, and a host of wild friends (skunks, squirrels, raccoons).

We grow food for 3 people other than ourselves, sold veggie and flower starts to around 3000 happy gardeners in 2010, and are ramping up 2011 to produce for 2 more people and hopefully 6000 veggie and flower starts and containers.

We’re adding a 100 sq. ft. greenhouse #2 for “ancient” and “heritage” tomatoes and peppers. We’re expanding our beds to add another 1100 sq. ft. in salad greens and kales. Instead of 20 tomato varieties, we’ve got it down to 5 really exceptional plants, and we’re expanding our pepper lines, ancient corn (we’re conveniently FAR away from the nearest GMO corn crop) and others (eggplant, carrots, beets…).

Carrot Creek is home to April Reeves and Phil Sjerdal. April, (that’s me), has had 4 operating farms in BC and Alberta. They were considered “integrated” farms: a blend of horses, vegetables, flowers, plants, hay, mushrooms, ginseng and soils.

Personally, I have no time for pesticides, genetically modified seeds and foods, and am thoroughly disgusted at the prices Canadians are expected to pay for gardening “stuff”. So this little business is my way of changing all that. Kind of, making the world the sort of place I want to wake up to every day. Hopefully you feel the same way too.

I grew up on an acreage with horses in the yard and my Dad’s various attempts at growing things. Eventually he got really good at it, and the horses had to move to make way for more and more plants. He became the kind of man you respected and delighted in speaking to, as he knew a great deal about plants and flowers. I wish I had paid closer attention, for he passed away too early, and I didn’t get a chance to absorb everything he knew.

My husband, Phil Sjerdal, has farmers in his bloodlines as well. They originally had vast tracts of land in Camrose Alberta. Unfortunately, they left the farm early, but the farm never left Phil.

When I’m not growing something, I can be found riding horses every day, teaching others to ride, and working hard at educating the public on the potential hazards of Genetically Modified foods and plants.

April’s Blogs:

GE Free BC, April Reeves Horse Training, Horse Training Chronicles, Horseman’s U.

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Personal Philosophies

I am a food, farm and environmental activist. I care about what we put in our mouths and I work tirelessly at educating people about the potential loss of our food sovereignty and our lack of quality foods in grocery stores. I am a Director in the non-profit organization GE Free BC. I am pro ALR and know that if we allow farmland to be traded for pavement, you will be paying me $5 for one tomato and quite frankly, while it may be good for me, there are many out there that deserve to eat good food and be able to afford it, but see themselves losing ground on this issue.

Many of the posts I put up are connected to the passions I have in life. Some may appear a bit scary. It’s not always easy to accept that we humans are losing control of our beautiful planet (in many ways), but I also know that this Universe is about balance: it’s the human experience. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As the darkness gets darker, the light gets brighter, and light will always shine brighter.

We are past the tipping point. It’s not about watching to see if we are polluting or destroying now. It’s about how to change it. We have now left a world to our children and 7 generations future, a world of disease, destruction and pollution. We can no longer sit back and pretend it doesn’t exist: it does. The question is, what, in your own small way, can you be the change you would like to see? Are you ready to step up to the plate and go out of your comfort zone to create a better world for someone else?

Dr. David Suzuki has a great saying: “We are in a car, driving real fast down a highway into a brick wall, and everyone in the car is arguing where they want to sit.”

Get out of the car and DO something. I love Facebook, but get over talking and get on with DOING. Plant a garden. Show up at community events. Talk to people and learn about this planet. Bring light into this world in your own small way. Pay attention to what you buy: where are you putting your money? Walk in awareness. Support only that which will sustain this planet, not rape it for all it’s worth. Stop eating fish that are rare. Ask more questions. I could go on forever, but you get the point.

I hope to see you somewhere, sometime. And when I do, ask me questions and bring solutions, because if you don’t, I’ll find you something to do!

Thank you for visiting this blog. Eat well my friend.


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