My take on the E-Coli Outbreak and it’s relation to GMO

There is a Universal truth: What you resist, persists.

By now, everyone is aware of the new pathogen E-Coli 0-104. If not, a few articles for you to get up to speed with:

I first want to address the small vegetable farmers who had to throw out their produce. Cucumbers were cleared of wrong doing yesterday. The EU farmers are very aware that their healthy produce is a threat to Big Agribusiness. In protest, they took all they had and dumped it (if you are going to attack me I simply won’t feed you anymore). Yet, one more reason to grow a garden this year: the food shortages are getting increasingly larger. And another reason to support small local farmers.

On GMO: there is speculation 0-104 could have mutated through genetic engineering. There is talk of how it could be antibiotic resistant so quickly, and why it’s gene sequence is not vertical (like nature’s sequences).

When we think of GMO contamination, we think very linearly, as if the only problem is through cross-contamination, like GM corn to non-GM corn. But to understand the depth of the potential GMO problems, you have to think holographically. It is known that modified genes do indeed transfer to plant and animal. Is it a consideration that engineered genes can also transfer to virus’s and bacteria? Is this our first discovery of such a transfer? Not good, considering GM is all over the planet right now.

The other option is man-made germ warfare, which is pure evil but not a shock in these times. This is the current probability, and if that doesn’t have you asking questions, nothing will. Welcome to a new kind of war.

This is a lose-lose situation.

So why release 0-104 into Europe? Could it be a warning to those opposed to GM, as Europe is really good at standing up to GMO crops?

Could we be seeing the beginning of control over even the small SPIN farming I and so many others do? I don’t just think we are a threat to Big Ag, I KNOW we are. We educate people on good health by growing and leading by example to what one can accomplish in their own back yards. OMG, someone needs to “control” us and put the fear of DOG into us. Too bad it won’t work that way…

Harper will be wrapping up CETA this month. This draconian bill, according to the National Farmers Union of Canada, could crush Canadian Farmers. It has the power to “extinguish farmer’s rights to save and re-use seeds” writes NFU President Terry Boehm, an alfalfa grower. Harper is taking out the Wheat Board (among others), which was put in place for small farmers to make some kind of living. Now it’s a game for the big boys only. CETA tags along nicely on the heels of 0-104…

Adding fear to a population can create controlled masses. My thoughts are a bit different on this. It’s proven that fear has controlled us for thousands, even millions of years. But in the advancement of our speed of awakening and “enlightenment”, many of us are not going there any more.

Another Universal Truth: For every action is an equal and opposite reaction.

While I am deeply concerned about this latest stupidity, I am also elated on the other end. We as a species will never move into a “higher existence” until we are pushed into a corner. There will be casualties; war has them. We all signed up for this. But as the darkness speeds up, so does our awakening. We will ban together in peace, and just say “NO” to it all. How do we do that? With our total commitment to changing our life patterns: stop eating junk food – stop buying stuff you don’t need (use less) – stop shopping altogether at Big Corporations that run your government – show up at protests – create communities and get to know your neighbors (we cannot survive in isolation – no man is an island unto himself) – AND, GROW A GARDEN AND KEEP THE SEEDS!

The future is not what we thought it was going to be.


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