Health Canada to ban parsley capsules by end of 2011

This was one crazy day: I walk into my favorite health food store and the owner was close to tears. They lose sleep over just buying this store a year ago, and one month later, Harper pulls the rug out from them.

“We are about to lose over half of our product lines, and the shelves are already hard to fill. And now, one of our biggest customer base for parsley caplets is being told by Health Canada that they can’t get it anymore, because there isn’t sufficent evidence available that it is safe.”

I kid you not. I did the research, and it does appear that parsley will be taken off the “natural products” list. But Red Bull Sugar/Caffeine Drink is fine.

I have a call in to Health Canada. Should be interesting.

So here’s my pledge: this year I will grow parsley; lots of it. Dry it. Put it into vegetable based capsules. Sell it. In fact, this year is a really great time to grow all the banned herbs.

This is my pledge, Health Canada. Come and get me. Let’s open this whole BS debate wide enough for all Canadians to hear. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain: for Canadians, at least. Let’s open the raw milk debate up as well. How about the other long list of herbs that, as far as I can Google, have never killed anyone.

We can sell Red Bull but not parsley. We get mercury vaccines. GMO foods. What is this country coming to? Other than a revolution…

Links to this fiasco:

*Just one funny note: if you go on HC’s site, and send them an email, it asks for all your personal information or it won’t send. When you get the reply email stating yours has been received, there’s an important claimer: “1) IMPORTANT: For reasons of security and privacy, we ask you not to send us any personal information.”

Palm against forehead….



One response to “Health Canada to ban parsley capsules by end of 2011

  1. I have sent this to RSB show, and Liam Scheff is all over this. Thank you for putting this out there.

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